Half the homes in Lancashire buy a new PC instead of getting it fixed

NewsPosted by Chris Hesketh Tue, June 05, 2012 20:10:38

According to a recent report, up to half of households in the region would sooner go out and buy a new pc/laptop, instead of it being repaired.

In most cases, it is that the computer isn't running at the speed it used to - this can be a number of factors, but it can be put down to:

* Not enough memory for multiple applications to run

* Hard disk is becoming full or is corrupt/fragmented

* Hardware dirvers out of date/missing

* Virus/Spyware infected computer

* New software unsuitable for the current hardware configuration

I offer memory upgrades from £15†, hard disk upgrades from £60††, health check/tune up FREE!, virus/spyware removal from £15

You could save hundreds of pounds upgrading, instead of buying new!

Not happy with Windows 8? If you feel that Win8 is not for you, then I can put XP, Vista or Windows 7 on your computer for £35 (Backup of computer created beforehand if you wish).

† Based on 512mb ram upgrade †† Based on 160gb 2.5" ide hard disk